Email your gig inquiries and questions to roope(a)45special.com.

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If you need to discuss load-ins, load-outs, sound engineering or any other aspect of performing at 45 Special, you are welcome to directly contact our Audio Engineer Jari Jaakkola, jkjaakkola [ a ] gmail.com, tel. +358-40-7240894.

Sunday night Jam

The 45 Sunday Jam, which by now is a legendary concept, has been rolling every week since 1990. The Sunday Jam is the most well-known jamming event in the country, and it is not a rare occasion that some of Finland’s most popular and esteemed musicians are seen on the 45 Special downstairs stage.

The entrance to the Sunday Jam is free of charge and the age limit is 19. Jamming starts at 9pm.

If you want to perform and play with other musicians, come join our Sunday Jam!

Top floor hardware:

Mixing console Midas Venice F-32
PA Meyer Sound
8 x upa-1b/mia
2 x 650-r2/b-2a subwoofer
Amcron amps
Outboard LA Audio EQ 231 Q
DBX-266a comp./limiter
Alesis comp./limiter
Roland rsp-550
Alesis QuadroverbDBX 266XL comp/gate
Monitors 4 groups from Venice
4 dB DVX DM12
active wedges
Microphones 4 x Shure sm58
4 x Shure sm57
3 x Audix om-2
Shure beta 52
2 x Audix d2
2 x Audix d3
2 x Audix f15
8 di boxes
Lights MA lightcommander 12/2
Pulsar dimmers 12 ch.
bars 500/250Unique 2.1 Hazer
DJ system Pioneer DJM-700 mixer
2 x Pioneer CDJ-850
RANE SL2 Serato Scratch Live
2 x Technics Quartz reccoplayers

Bottom floor hardware:

Mixing Console YAMAHA MG166CX
mixer/amp 8 mono inputs, 4 stereo inputs
Speakers 2 x dB Flexsys F12
1 x dB SUB18D subwoofer
Monitoring 2 x dB Flexsys FM12
Lights 4 channel light system
Instruments Squier Stratocaster
Tokai Telecaster
Ibanez Les Paul
Yamaha acoustic
Squier precision bass
Nord Electro 2 synthesizer
Paiste cymbals (hihat, ride, crash)
various percussions
Backline Yamaha StageCustom drumkit
Hartke HA3500 bass amp
Marshall 4 x 12” cabinet
Peavey studio pro 112 combo
Hughes & Kettner combo
Fender Hotrod deluxe combo
DJ system 2 x Pioneer cdj-100s
Pioneer mixer DJM-300-s
2 x Technics Quartz reccoplayer